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STR8 PERFORMANCE | Training, Exercise Therapy, Dance Fitness and Events in Plainfield, IL


STR8 Performance in Plainfield, IL is dedicated to helping clients achieve maximum potential in their health and wellness goals. Our approach is training and education. STR8 Performance works with an integrated approach to training including corrective exercise, cardio-respiratory, balance, core, resistance, speed, agility and quickness. We take our clients from where they are to where they want to be.

5:25 pm - 6:05 pm)

MixxedFit is a people-inspired fitness program that combines explosive dance movements with body weight toning. Have tons of fun dancing your way to a more fit version of yourself.


Everyone has different needs, goals and desires. Personal training sessions with STR8 Performance allows us to focus directly on YOU. Our personal training programs are as unique as you are. Let us help you reach your goals. Our training includes several specialties to include:

Corrective Exercise | Performance Enhancement | Functional Training | Nutritional Coaching | Endurance Training | Speed, Agility & Quickness (SAQ) | Health Coaching

Looking to get started? Start by filling out the PAR-Q+ at the link below to see if you are ready to increase your physical activity.

PAR-Q+ (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire)


Sports Camp

Our sports camps will help you get ready for the new season. Never tried sports before? No problem. STR8 Performance hosts sports preparation camps to help develop the coordination and skills required to participate in sports. 


Competition Preparation

Become the champion that you were destined to be. Being the best doesn't come easy. With hard work and STR8 Performance you can get there. As 7-Sport Team USA Coaches, the founders specialize in martial arts competition camps.